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Cloud Publications provides the Open Access Theses/Dissertations Repository platform for institutes and universities which deposit and makes online library of their theses/dissertations for fast access anywhere anytime by anyone.

Theses/Dissertations also help to other students for enhancing their research work and lead to new discoveries. Cloud Publications provides the Open Access Theses platform for institutions/universities which publishes and makes online library of their theses for fast access anywhere anytime by anyone.

Institutions/universities can publish their students’ Theses/Dissertations with following publishing methodology and benefits:

A. Publishing Methodology:

Cloud Publications creates official open access platform for each institutions/universities with unique user id and password.

Institutions/universities have the choice to publish their theses with following manners:

  • Theses/Dissertations Open Access: Complete theses publish online with open access policy which can be read by anyone anywhere anytime.
  • Theses/Dissertations Restricted Access: Complete theses publish online with restricted access policy. Only abstracts of theses publish online with open access policy which can be read by anyone anywhere anytime.
B. Benefits to Institutions/Universities:

Institutions/universities can avail following benefits by publishing their theses with platform of Cloud Publications:

  • Thesis Publication Identification Number/Dissertations Publication Identification Number (TPIN/DPIN): Cloud Publications issue a unique identification number for published thesis which explains that published research is unique and authenticate. It avoids the duplicacy of the research and provides the first right to author and institutions/universities for its original work.
  • Recognition to Work: With open access policy institutions/universities research work get the exclusive recognition among all scientific/management communities.
  • Increase in Work Citation: People always cite published work in their papers, hence more possibility of institutions/universities’ work citation in various publications.
  • Institutions/Universities’ Publicity: In publishing world, research affiliations keep importance for all scientific/management people, hence open access will provide such familiarization to institutions/universities by accessing their work done all over the world.
  • Easy to Access the Work: Institutions/universities’ own students can also access the work done in their institutions/universities’ laboratories/territories easily and can enhance the already done work to new discoveries at any time anywhere.
  • Easy to Manage Digital Theses Library (Also Known as Electronic Theses and Dissertations "ETDs"): Institution/universities can easily make records of their theses as per subject, degree, year and authors’ names/roll nos. They can smoothly make online library of their theses with platform of Cloud Publications.
C. Institutions/Universities Theses/Dissertations Publication Guidelines:

Institutions/universities should follow the following guidelines for publishing their theses:

  • Step I: Institutions/universities should sign the MOU with Cloud Publications. (Cloud Publications will send the MOU to institution/universities)
  • Step II: Institutions/universities should deposit the TPF/DPF (Theses/Dissertations Process Fee) using online banking services. (Cloud Publications will send the TPF/DPF information on request)
  • Step III: Institutions/universities should provide unique publishing link generated by Cloud Publications Open Access platform to their students for submitting theses else should send doc. /docx. copies of theses to Cloud Publications to publish through provided open access platform.

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Cloud Publications works for the betterment in research publishing with advance user-friendly approach. All intellects and most advance publishing technologies taking together on right direction. Finding solutions in publishing of journals, theses and dissertations with high-end learning e-courses. Not just imaging. Cloud Publications is doing….

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Cloud Publications has an experienced leadership team consists of highly qualified, competent professionals and intellectuals from all subject areas. We are associated with dignified scientific and management communities worldwide which work for our growth. Our visionary leaders are defining the future of research publishing technologies to meet the quest for knowledge.

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Our goal is to help you successfully to reach at your academic and professional goals and equip you with abilities you need to make a difference in your workplace and in your community. We strive for your research enrichment and recognition worldwide with new innovations, latest methods and advance technology. We put our every effort to accomplish your work and make you cheer!

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